1. 8 Respondents Means 2 NoLs?

8 Respondents Means 2 NoLs?

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Asked on January 7, 2021 6:13 am
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Hello Laura,
Thank you for your questions!

You can only send one NoL for each of our causes.

The NoL Creator has been built to accommodate four Respondents in round 1. This is to allow for the possibility of up to four Successors and up to four Joinders to be added as Respondents to your process in the following rounds 2 and 3.

In other words, the NoL Creator will allow you the ability to add up to 8 more Respondents to the first original 4 Respondents whom you sent your round 1 document. This will culminate in a total of 12 Respondents that you may include in your NoL process, but that does not necessarily mean that you will  reach the 12 Respondent limit. Adding new Respondents to your NoL process depends upon the actions of your original  four Respondents.

Once you have sent round 1 to your four Respondents, you may receive letters in reply. These letters will most likely be from "Third Parties" who will become new Respondents by joining your NoL process. These letter-writers are also called "Joinders".  The exact same thing can happen after you send round 2. The NoL Creator can accept up to 4 Joinders in total between rounds 1 and 3.

When one of your Respondents leaves office, the new man or woman who takes their place will technically be a "Joinder" too, but to distinguish them from the letter-writers, they are code-named "Successors".   The NoL Creator can accept up to 4 Successors to your NoL process between rounds 1 and 3.

Once you have sent round 3 to your Respondents, your NoL contract is perfected. The negotiation process, or the "meeting of the minds" has come to an end. After round 3, there is no need to add any new Joinders or any new Successors to your NoL process.

In conclusion, adding new Respondents to your NoL process depends upon the actions of your existing Respondents. You cannot randomly add new Respondents. If you receive no letters and none of your Respondents leave office, you may not add any more names to your NoL. Silence from your four original Respondents indicates that they have tacitly agreed to the terms and conditions in your NoL. Four Respondents are adequate to 'set you up for success'.  

Some Claimants have a strong inclination to list more than 4 Respondents in their round 1 document. We get it! But there is a good reason why you have been limited to four. We have learned from experience that adding more than four Respondents multiplies your paper work to  a point where it becomes very confusing and difficult to manage. It also multiplies the printing, mailing, and notarization costs, which are already quite expensive for most of our members.

However, we have good news! With the increase in our membership globally, coverage of potential Respondents will spread to all corners of your country. We will also track Respondent coverage and notify you when certain Respondents have received a large number of NoL's, while other Respondents have received very few. When you research your Respondents for selection on round 1, you will have the opportunity to help level out the coverage.

Further notes:

    •    This is a personal decision that only you can make for yourself    •    This is a reckoning with each man or woman that you choose, and requires your due diligence - there must be a clear connection between the Respondents you choose and one of our 4 Causes: smart meters, forced vaccination, 5G, and geoengineering. And the Respondent must be in a position to do something about it.  

 •    You will have a connection with each Respondent who is indebted to you.  You are committing to following the career path and choices of the man or woman you choose as a respondent throughout the NoL process.  Each Respondent must be re-evaluated every 90 days.    •   

Consider each jurisdiction and how that man or woman and his or her position impacts you and others    •    View your Respondent choices with honor and respect    •   

Consider your unique circumstances and how that relates to your choices

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Answered on January 8, 2021 9:36 am
Wow, Lea. Thank you. What a fantastic answer. So excited to participate in this, in honour, and hopefully see many men and women realize the harm they are causing and cease doing so.
( at January 8, 2021 11:03 am)
Oh, Lea Just to clarify, if there is one NoL per cause and we select our four respondents carefully, does this mean we may need to reconsider continuing an old NoL process we began earlier, manually? More specifically, back in March last year, you helped with Two Round 1 smart meter NoLs - one for the electric meter (4 respondents) and one for the water meter (4 different respondents). So am I to understand I should drop these NoLs, not bother putting all those Respondents into the NoL Respondent database to continue those NoLs, but start a whole new NoL for "smart meters" in general from scratch in the NoL creator, selecting more senior level Respondents rather than some of the more local ones? In other words, should I scrap what I did last March and start over again? Thank you.
( at January 9, 2021 12:34 pm)
Private answer

Hello Laura,
You will need to send in copies of your original NoL's to our NoL Review Board so that we can take a look at them and make sure that there are no errors in your documents.

You will be notified when to upload your copies to the board.

Depending on the outcome of this review, (should both of your documents be in order) you will choose which NoL (water or electric) and continue with one of those in the NoL Creator.
If there were others that you worked with and if they have also sent one NoL for the water meter and another NoL for the electric meter, you may want to discuss who will follow through on the water and who will follow through on the electric. In this way you will have both sets of Respondents covered.

Make sense?

The Trespassing Technology NoL (smart meter NoL) in the NoL Creator will be for ALL meters (gas, electric, and water), so our members who are just beginning the process will need to choose Respondents for just one of these meters...

Your Exhibit will be for one type of meter so it will need to reflect which utility or resource that the meter is "measuring". And your Respondents must have a connection to that utility, (or support for what that utility is doing).

and it may be that some Respondents are supporting ALL 3 of these meters. At any rate, we expect that the Respondents supporting the entire scope of the smart meter agenda will be covered completely once we launch.

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Answered on January 10, 2021 8:44 am