1. Dual citizenship questions

Dual citizenship questions

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Asked on January 13, 2021 6:11 am
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Hello Iwona,
You must send the NoL from within the country that you reside in regardless of your citizenship and the Respondents must be from that country. Once the permanent site is open, you will only be able to send one NoL for each cause. 
As you learn more about the NoL, you will find out that all of the terms in the document are defined by you. This includes the word ‘near’. For example,
"...any Trespassing Technology, if already installed at or near the private dwelling and or workplace of the Claimant/Libellant and not removed within 7 days of the date of Binding Administrative Judgment as defined herein, may be removed by others, and the cost of removal shall be charged to Respondents/Libellees." 
The word 'near' is a distance/proximity that is defined by you. If you are concerned about a meter that is a hundred miles away, then that meter is near to you. 
The InPower Movement has members from the EU that will be filing NoLs for the various issues. Their actions will benefit you as well as other men and women in that region.

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Answered on January 14, 2021 7:11 am