1. How is the third party notified of joinder and the fee for this?

How is the third party notified of joinder and the fee for this?

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Asked on October 23, 2019 12:15 pm
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One of our members was reading Q & A's in the "Respondents" category, and posted this question with the feedback feature.

The answer is that the third party is notified that they are a joinder in either Round 2 or Round 3, depending on when you or your witness received their letter. If you or your witness received their letter after Round 1 was sent, you will add the letter writer as a joinder in Round 2, Notice of Fault (NoF).

They will become your 5th Respondent listed on page one of Round 2 (NoF). Their letter will become Exhibit A that accompanies Round 2. Wording will be added into this document stating the name, title, and company, this joinder represents, and whether they are a man or woman, and the date that you received their letter.

The joinder and all of your other Respondents will be notified through Round 2 that this third party is a joinder and will be held liable along with everyone else. This is a sample of the wording, taken from Round 2, concerning the third party interloper:
[they are] immediately subject to all the terms and fee schedules therein, including but not limited to a joinder fee, to be billed and enforced at the sole discretion of the Claimant, of Ten Million United States Dollars per each attempt/event....

If a third party sends you or your witness a letter after Round 2 has been sent, it will be dealt with in a similar manner when sending out Round 3 (Notice of Default, NoD). The joinder will be added into the NoD document in the same way.

When you are ready to send Round 4, your First True Bill, you will add the joinder fees into that process.

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Answered on October 23, 2019 12:31 pm