1. I sign my name with an ‘X’ and have clear title to my name, what are my advantages?

I sign my name with an ‘X’ and have clear title to my name, what are my advantages?

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Country: CANADA
Which NoL are you sending?: to my legal name?
Which Round?: first?
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Asked on February 25, 2021 2:42 am
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Hello Anthony,

There are no advantages in signing your name on the NoL with an "x". The NoL is designed so that everyone can use it, even if you have "clear title to your name" and "corporations cannot enter or exit [your] absolute fee simple estate".

The most important jurisdiction that we are using is the Spiritual Jurisdiction. Of course, Law Merchant is also important.

For example, you do not need to reclaim your Strawman to do the NoL.
By calling ourselves, "a man" or  "a woman" as we do on page one of the NoL (Anthony Young, a man, sui juris, hereby claiming all rights nunc pro tunc) we are claiming ourselves to be a flesh and blood man or woman and we have authority and dominion over the earth. This is a form of "reclaiming our straw man" in Spiritual Jurisdictions.

Also, by using the 1611 King James Bible verses, we are doing the same... we are going to the highest jurisdictions outside of 'the system', and making a higher claim.  There are other clauses in the NoL that refer to the higher jurisdictions, so we are covered no matter what.

Likewise, if you HAVE reclaimed your Strawman, you can still do the NoL. The documents are written to cover all jurisdictions.
Anyone can do the NoL, and that is the way it is designed... it is a very safe process for all. It operates outside the court system and you do not need to have an education in lawful matters to do it.

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Answered on February 25, 2021 5:54 am