1. Is it necessary to prepare Word document and PDF for the 4 respondents systematically?

Is it necessary to prepare Word document and PDF for the 4 respondents systematically?

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Asked on November 25, 2020 12:00 am
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Hello Jose,

We do not recommend that anyone send the smart meter NoL very soon, or without waiting for the NoL Creator to generate the proper documents. The old templates that are floating around out there have been corrupted. The documents that will be generated by the NoL Creator have been updated with a new Affidavit (your sworn truth). and other improvements. 

However, working on the Respondent research is the best thing you and everyone else can do right now... so in answer to your questions.

ALWAYS, always search the Respondent Database to see if your potential Respondent has already been submitted by someone else. We must avoid duplicate submission records on a potential Respondent because this will delay the validation process and therefore it will delay your NoL process.

1. please go to the Respondent Database first and check to see if they have already been submitted by someone else.


Go to "1. Start here " and enter in your country and then enter in the cause (trespassing technology:smart meters, vaccination, 5G, or geoengineering)

Up will pop all of the Respondents who have been submitted to the Respondent Database in ALPHABETICAL order. See if your guy or gal is listed there first. Click on their name (with little circle in front of their name), then scroll down to see the information on file, or "Full Record Details". Check out what it says about them...

2. If your potential Respondent is not listed in the Respondent Database, then you can submit them using the New Respondent Submission form: https://go.inpowermovement.com/suggest-respondent/

3. If you see that there may be changes needed in their record due to updates or errors, you can use the Respondent Reassessment Form:

Also in answer to your questions:

1. Yes, you should research your Respondents and prepare the word or pages document and save it as a PDF, even if you see that the same Respondent is already entered into the Respondent Database. This process is about "looking into the eyes" of your Respondent. What you are doing is very personal and involves your freedom. You will be fundamentally connected with those that you are holding liable (and if they change, and support your freedom from the harms listed in your NoL, you can forgive all of their debt that you will have created with your NoL) .

So, it would behoove each Claimant to do their research and come to grips with who they are holding liable... who they will cause a huge upheaval through this debt instrument.

You can keep the printed PDF in your file with your original NoL documents. You may also find errors or changes/updates needed in the InPower record. You can add the new info about an already submitted Respondent. You can enter those updates into the Respondent Database by submitting the changes using the RESPONDENT REASSESSMENT FORM. https://go.inpowermovement.com/rr/

Also important: after researching, you may decide you do not want to use that Respondent. You have found someone else through your research that you feel suits your particular situation more aptly. 

REMEMBER to research LOCALLY! Many of us feel like we want to "jump" that jurisdiction, and go after the "fat cats". There is so much power residing in your local jurisdiction, but you need to search it out. You have the boots on the ground to do so, and you need to reclaim your authority by "taking back your land". You have a deep connection to the earth in every place that you have lived...

2. For those in the "PENDING" status, I believe you can enter new information into the record by using the REASSESSMENT form: https://go.inpowermovement.com/rr/

Once Approved, the "pending" status will be changed to "Approved" and that Respondent will be available in the NoL Creator for anyone in your area to choose.... using the unique RID number assigned to that Respondent (R###) which is listed in the Respondent Database.

3. As for Quebec not appearing in the Respondent Database:  I will need to look at it and see what this is all about. I know that countries do not appear in the database until someone submits a new Respondent from that particular country. Once that is done, the country will appear in the drop-down menu. This is just a limitation with the forms, and we have to deal with it in the way that I just described. I am not sure about provinces...

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Answered on November 29, 2020 8:40 am
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Ok, as for your question about Quebec and where are the Respondents from Quebec? In the Respondent Database, you will need to do your search for those Respondents living in Quebec by filling in "Canada" as your country and fill in the "Cause" and then scan the names listed. Look for "Quebec" after their name. For example, I found this one:

the woman 
Sophie Brochu
Acting as: President and Chief Executive Officer
A Nongovernment  Organization
At Mailing Address:
Édifice Jean-Lesage75 boulevard
Ouest Montréal, Quebec
 H2Z 1A4Canada

However, I would recommend that you submit more Respondents who reside in Quebec, if that is where you are living.

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Answered on November 29, 2020 9:31 am