1. Is the NOL only for smart meters?

Is the NOL only for smart meters?

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Asked on September 14, 2020 5:58 pm
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Hi Jasvir,
Thank you for your questions!
Much of the information on this interim site can be applied generally to all NoLs, although we do have much on the site specifically about smart meters. We are nearly ready to move members over to the new platform/site onto which we will keep adding more information about InPower's other causes. (Here is a short description about them on this site: https://go.inpowermovement.com/article-categories/cause-awareness/.)
For safety reasons, the NoLs cannot be altered. Also, all NoLs will only be available via our NoL Creator (on the new member site).
You can find out more in the webinars & videos here: https://go.inpowermovement.com/article-categories/media-library/.
(See also https://go.inpowermovement.com/knowledge-base/7-important-things/ ; https://go.inpowermovement.com/knowledge-base/why-cant-i-use-nol-creator/.)

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Answered on September 14, 2020 8:36 pm