1. Is this Inpower interim site a way to prevent people from actually filing a NoL?

Is this Inpower interim site a way to prevent people from actually filing a NoL?

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Asked on April 2, 2021 3:43 am
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Hello Robert,

This is an interesting and most relevant question. Most of us feel that we have been duped our whole lives, by the things that we were taught in school, taught by the media (movies, television, music, books, theme parks, museums, etc)… and even through the “truther movement” which keeps our imaginations’ focussed on hateful and perverse information.

There has been a life-long competition to win over your imagination…. and to win your soul. We have all been traumatized, and the purpose of this is to keep us from trusting one another.

InPower has taken a new approach with Trust. We do this by unifying around the NoL, and our core principles which constitute the Member’s Agreement for our community. It bears mentioning the principles once again:

Seek Unity

Do all things in love

Be open to the new

Be respectful

Honor yourself and others

Be forgiving

Be constructive

The only way that we can build a community that is unlike anything that we have ever experienced is through these core values. We know that it is difficult to embody them all of the time, but this is how the board, the leadership, all of our core team members, and volunteers are managing our relationships with one another and with you.

This is how we hold each other accountable. In fact, we must be accountable to the highest degree, in spiritual jurisdictions, if we are to be successful holding Respondents accountable using the spiritual jurisdictions in the NoL. We know this.

We know that we cannot manipulate, coerce, put out false information, etc as this is exactly what the enemy does, and we dare not replicate it in any way, shape or form.

We always answer our fellow community members, to the best of our ability, so that we can stand before the Judge in spiritual jurisdictions and be found “not guilty” of any accusation.

As a member, you also must observe and strive to uphold the core principles. And as a member to our community, we will also hold you accountable. This is a fair agreement…

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Answered on April 2, 2021 12:31 pm
So I am holding the board accountable. The question is fair. You say the question is interesting. The question can be answered with a yea or nay. Your answer is interesting. It implies that I may be outside the core values. I have no doubt Satan want to be treated respectfully and be forgiven and still retain our trust. Yet as children of God it is incumbent upon us to discern between truth and deception. My question is seeking truth. Your answer was, well not an answer.
( at April 2, 2021 2:24 pm)

InPower has never offered to produce an NoL about Covid Measures. This question has been answered many times in this Q&A and in live meetings with our members (which have been recorded and are accessible on the Media Library). My apologies for not addressing this aspect of your question. My previous answer to you was in reply to this portion of your question: ”Are we here not in fact being duped in to inaction?”

( at April 2, 2021 3:17 pm)