1. King James Bible: “What is the difference between the Authorized and Standard versions?”

King James Bible: “What is the difference between the Authorized and Standard versions?”

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Asked on October 25, 2019 8:14 pm
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First of all, the links provided will take you to one site, where you can choose either the Authorized Version or the Standard Version of the KJB.

The Standard Version or revised Standard Version (RSV) is a comprehensive revision of the Authorized King James Version. The Revised Standard Version was published in 1952 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of Churches.

The "Authorized" King James Version came first. It was translated from Latin, Greek, Hebrew (and other languages) into English in 1611, by the decree of King James. The King called his translation the "Authorised Version" because he authorized it. So, the authorized version of the KJB is over 400 years old..

The 1611 authorized version has the “funny” spellings, or what we would call the alphabet anomalies, but in fact, they are not anomalies at all. They are letter switches, which happened rather recently in history. For instance, the original letter “v” was changed to the modern “u”.

You can see this on old court houses, where the words, “COVNTY COVRT HOVSE”, are carved in stone. Other old buildings might say “ROSE BVILDING”.

The Standard Version uses modern spellings. For example, the “w” is a more recent letter and a “w” equals two “v’s stuck together, (double u).

So, this change in letters is more recent than most people think....and we do want to think about this and ask ourselves, "Why?".

There are other letter changes too…

the “f” was used instead of an “s” in some cases within the Authorized version.

Some of the old “y”s were replaced, with “j”s.

When the spellings were changed, and documented in the Standard Version of the KJB, the meaning of every sentence was changed on the printed page, and yet it reads the same, when spoken out loud.

So, the meaning of the 1611 KJB, which is a very long contract, was changed when the spellings were changed. Somebody(s) did that on purpose. They changed the spellings of the words in the contract.

The InPower NoL uses the original (Authorized) version of the Bible verses, so that the original meaning is intact. When it comes to words, we, and you, do not mess around!

There is a clause in the InPower NoL that states that all words in the contract mean what the Claimant says that they mean. You define what the words in your “counter offer” mean. No one else can do this. So, this further individualizes your NoL contract, because you are the sole decider of what each word in your NoL means. And no one can come along and change the way that your words are spelled, because we know how this game is played, and you can no longer "play" us!.

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If you want to know scripture, grab a copy of Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and translate the originals yourself. It's a completely different story.
( at October 30, 2019 1:14 pm)
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An even better question is 'what is the difference between the original scriptures and the english translations?'

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