1. Live in BC – getting started on NoL

Live in BC – getting started on NoL

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Country: Canada
Which NoL are you sending?: Smart Metre
Which Round?: 1
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Asked on March 19, 2021 5:50 pm
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Hello Rob and Anne,
Thank you for joining us. To get started with the NoL process it is best to start reviewing some of the material on this website. 
Here are a few FAQs.
What exactly is the Notice of Liability?
In short, the Notice of Liability (NoL) is a document that helps you to employ hidden legal jurisdictions (Merchant Law and Spiritual Law) in order to respond to an offer in commerce. 
How does the NoL apply to smart meters, mandatory vaccines, 5G technology, and geo-engineering? 
Though these technologies appear to be happening without our consent, they are in fact being offered as ‘products in commerce’ with contractual agreements by various corporations and levels of government. The vast majority of these offers are accepted by ‘tacit’ agreement. In other words, by remaining silent, even in ignorance, you have agreed to accept these offers. The InPower NoL provides a remedy to these contracts.
So, “Where do I begin?” 
As you have probably already seen, there is a lot of information on this website. At this point, you do not need to read every article or watch all of the videos to get started. We will show you a path to follow and from there you can choose to take detours into other topics of interest. 
To get started we suggest downloading the sample copy of the InPower Notice of Liability: 
*Please note this sample document is for educational purposes only and cannot be used to create your own NoL.

The InPower NoL documents cannot be altered in any way. This is for your own protection. 
If you chose to create your own NoL, InPower cannot support your process or help you if you get into trouble. 
The InPower NoL documents are designed to keep you safe. No one that has used the InPower NoL documents as instructed has ever had legal fallout. 

The next step is to watch the following InPower NoL tutorials. 
Member Orientation:
Understanding Jurisdictions Walk-Through:
Key Concepts of the NoL:
Once you have watched these tutorials and read the sample copy of the InPower NoL multiple times, you will be ready to take the next step… finding a ‘Respondent’. (i.e holding a man or a woman accountable for their actions.)
As you are reviewing the InPower website you might come across the InPower Respondent Database:  
This section is where other NoL participants have submitted their Respondent information for review by our volunteer Respondent Validation Team (RVTeam). You can search for a Respondent in the InPower Respondent Database (e.g. Bill Gates) and if they appear, you can use them for your NoL. Though the information for over 200 Respondents is already in the database, we strongly recommend researching each man or woman you want to hold accountable. This is an important process and with the power of the internet, is not as difficult as it might seem. Please watch the following tutorials to learn how to create a Respondent submission. 
Know that you are a very important part of the NoL process and are now working in a team of global InPower members. 
Creating Your Respondent Summary PDF:
Preparing to Send Your Notice of Liability:
We are here to help! Sign up for an InPower Gathering to learn more about the NoL process. Our volunteer hosts will be happy to assist you on this empowering journey. 
Cheers, Lynn

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Answered on March 19, 2021 10:35 pm