1. Nicor gas co. forced gas meter exchange

Nicor gas co. forced gas meter exchange

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Asked on November 6, 2020 2:57 pm
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Hello James,
The remedy to the 'smart' meter installation is the NoL. Be sure to keep any written communications (offers) as exhibits for your NoL process. I would suggest not attempting to argue with the service person as they most likely do not know anything about the issue. What the service company 'can' do is up for debate. The intent of the NoL is to hold thoses that have the power to effect change accountable for their actions.
Prepare for the NoL by researching your respondents (in this case the CEO and other officers of the gas company and government officials) and submitting them to the InPower volunteer team for vetting.
Read the sample NoL document to become familar with the process.
If you would like a list of the webinar videos to help guide you through the process, let me know.
I will be hosting a NoL101 meeting on November 10th if you have any questions. You can register by clicking on the IN Happy Hour tab at the top of this webpage. https://go.inpowermovement.com/inpower-nol-101-w-lynn-registration/ 
Cheers, Lynn

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Answered on November 7, 2020 8:48 am