1. Progress with automated NoL for California…New Zealand…and other places??

Progress with automated NoL for California…New Zealand…and other places??

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Asked on January 30, 2020 11:45 pm
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Hello Angela. First of all, work is progressing with the development of the robust new InPower Community Platform and the NoL Creator. We try our best to communicate this to our members on the interim site, by posting new videos or articles when they are available, and by answering your questions. Many outside of membership think that the InPower Movement has died, including those who are (and will be) held liable as Respondents - the exact ones who will be receiving NoL's. Imagine their relief! They think InPower and the NoL has "gone away". This is actually a good thing. Have you ever played a "game of bluff" like poker? How about chess? Do you talk about your cards or your next move, or all the things you plan to do in order to win? A really good player shows no expression at all, and if they have a weakness, they will never divulge it. One of our strengths is that we will not be rushed, nor swayed by fear, nor any other negative emotion. When challenges arise, we tackle them. To do this correctly, takes time. What InPower is doing has never been done before. It is a huge project with a completely novel approach. It just cannot be slapped and glued together. It must be built like an ancient temple, with the seams of each stone so perfectly crafted that a hair cannot slide between them. What we are doing is providing a jumping off point, where everyone else can come together to do their part. Working with you and everyone else, we will throw down our cards, and there will be a very loud noise from all over the world.

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Answered on January 31, 2020 1:32 pm
Ok thanks! I didn't know what the GREEN arrows were for...thought it would scroll down and I accidentally thumbed down your reply :( SORRY! I did not mean to! I tried to thumbs up the reply but it wouldn't let me :)
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