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Asked on June 12, 2020 12:37 am
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Hello Kathryn,

There are many Respondents, from governmental to nongovernment, from celbrities to busy body billionaires.... Directors of commissions and Ministries of Health, mayors, governors, and on and on.

You do not need the Exhibit to match the Respondent. One Exhibit that denotes the "offer" will serve the purpose for all 4 Respondents. So, you can take a screen shot, including the url of the website of the electric utility company, for example, to go with the smart meter NoL. In the screenshot there should be words that denote an "offer" to give you a product such as smart meters. You would then print out the screen shot and make copies to attach onto your NoL document to mail to all four Respondents.

No matter who they are, the Exhibit is an example of the agenda they are supporting.

Please read this link: https://go.inpowermovement.com/knowledge-base/what-is-an-exhibit/

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Answered on June 16, 2020 6:27 am