1. Where are the current NOL DOCs?

Where are the current NOL DOCs?

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Asked on May 14, 2021 9:22 am
Great questions, as I was under the presumption that one can only get the NoL docs and All others for the 9 step process, as soon as I became a member, so I just became member only to find there are NO docs here at all and read in others questions they've been patiently waiting since early 2020 now and still nothing's changed! I am currently being faced with Corrupt electric Company demanding me to allow their spy meter update to be installed along with extortion fees to be charged for opt out and the only options available in said"opt out" are All digital/wireless junk that do absolutely nothing to remedy one back to analog meters! Seems I've just wasted $31 and change becoming a member to just be able to see people discussing how they've already filed NoL docs, and such, while I'm left with absolutely nothing to get started here except wait.....? Misleading statements were said prior to my becoming member, such as the ones saying, "Documents etc....only are available by becoming a member" paraphrasing, what I'd read prior to joining, assuming I'd be able to download said documents, which was what the lead in site links say, only to land here and find Nothing is really or readily available at all.....
( at May 14, 2021 2:00 pm)
Diana / George, We are very sorry that your presumptions about what you would get from InPower were not correct and that you feel that you wasted $31.00. We understand your frustration, however, InPower is not selling documents. You purchased a membership into a private community where the members are gaining an education and preparing to be engaged in the Notice of Liability process for smart meters, forced vaccination, 5G, and geoengineering. Currently, our members are researching Respondents and submitting them into a database. About five years ago, the Notice of Liability for Trespassing Technology (smart meters) was made public with 3 seed groups. Shortly after, the templates for North America were posted on our main site so that anyone who wanted to use them were free to do so. Over the years many people sent the first 3 rounds of this 9 round process. Others completed the full 9 rounds. Those who contacted us in the past 5 years requesting guidance were helped in the best way possible. Many of them are members here on this platform. They are currently waiting, very patiently, for the semi-automated document generator, so that they can proceed. A good deal of those same men and women have come to understand that there is much more to reclaiming your authority then a set of documents. It has more to do with your frame of mind... your bearing and knowing about who you are. Realizing this and embodying it to its fullest has no price. It can't be bought... it can't be sold... it can only be achieved by you alone. We do offer support for you as you attain this goal, and we offer companionship. Some of our members have stories about stopping meter installation by conversing with the installer. On a few occasions, the installers replaced the analogue meters that they just removed. There are many stories of men and women standing up and gaining freedom from the smart meter. You may like this presentation about Kimberly in Illinois who kept her analogue meter and did not pay any "opt-out fees" or other related charges for about 5 years. She eventually sold that house and moved to a cabin in a rural area where she could be free from wireless...https://go.inpowermovement.com/knowledge-base/kim-opt-out-offer-1/ and a part 2 here: https://go.inpowermovement.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4530&action=edit So, it is about your ability to stand in your authority. None-the-less, we are well aware that the full NoL process must be made available to all who seek to use it. We have worked tirelessly for years, as volunteers, to attain this goal and we won't stop until it is achieved. We will not give up. If you are still with us at the finish line, we salute you! I am not sure what "misleading statements" you are talking about. Perhaps you can describe exactly where they are, so that we can correct that. There is so much information here on the interim site, I suggest that you start here to learn more about your membership: Member Orientation https://go.inpowermovement.com/knowledge-base/member-orientation-webinar/ Jurisdiction Walkthrough https://go.inpowermovement.com/knowledge-base/understanding-jurisdictions-walk-through/ NoL Key Concepts https://go.inpowermovement.com/knowledge-base/key-concepts-of-nol-webinar/
( at May 15, 2021 11:05 am)
Greetings Lea, I've been consuming knowledge for over the past close to 13 years into ALL areas shared in the community and I am also very aware of so-called "legal" procedures vs. lawful ones and I totally comprehend everything you've also stated here in your reply to us! Especially that part about "it can't be bought, or sold" and only being achieved when one has the knowledge! Which is what I joined for and to do. Yet, folks have been waiting patiently for well over a year, if not longer now from all I've seen within the community? I am in the process of completely removing ones self from the entire corrupt system and getting back to the only system we all should be under, one that follows Gods laws, wishes and wills vs. the one we were all ignorantly enslaved into at Birth! I've also listened to Cal's introduction videos, as well as Kimberly's story shared, looked for the 2nd part after seeing and hearing the 1st part, yet seems the 2nd part is no longer here? I also tried to reach out to Cal to share with him some valuable information he spoke of in the Introduction to NoL video, that we've acquired over our 12+ year journey, soon to be 13, this coming September! Unfortunately, I've heard nothing back and coming up on the 24th of May the electric extortion service we've been forced into using, as there's only one monopoly here for one to choose from, will be either extorting us into their latest version of their so-called "SMART meter", a digital one etc....NO opt out options here on Virginia for the safest analog versions are even available in the criminal STATE of VIRGINIA'S CORPORATE COMMISSION, or so AEP says! I've closed 2 fraudulent charges at FEDERAL level here on Virginia back in 2014, via doing it alone with Gods graces, help and being divinely led to do what we were given and shown, seems that's going to be our only available option in regards to taking care of our electricity uses, once again! While I wait as patiently as possible to see what the NoL looks like and is made available to us members of the community that's never been fortunate enough to even see it. In those FED. level court cases, I also used Gods words from the Bible, Cal mentions are also used in the NoL,so I am very well aware of what he speaks of in that video I saw him speaking on words from the Bible and yes THEY are scared of those of us who know them and use them to hold them fully accountable for All, Any and Every one of THEIR actions against those of us who do know! The misleading I referred to was where I read on the site prior to getting into the community, one can only see the NoL by joining the community and becoming a member! It should let us know up front the NoL is being worked on and not available, instead, it says one can only view them by joining and becoming a member first. Which we did, only to find the NoL is not actually available here at all, at least not yet! Had that been mentioned on the other site that led me to being able to actually see Anything, I would not have became a member until there were actual things one can and would do! Other than look at and learn things I am already very well aware of! I cannot recall which link I was at prior to becoming a member that stated one has to first become a member in order to see the NoL and get started actually doing....wish I could recall or had saved that link, so I could easily pasted it h ere for you to correct! Please feel free to contact us at the telephone # provided in our membership!
( at May 18, 2021 1:28 pm)
Private answer

Hello Warren,

As I mentioned in the comment to Diana above, the NoL templates, rounds 1-3 for smart meters in North America were available to any one who wanted to use them. This went on for about 5 years before we removed them from our main site. Over the years these templates were tampered with and changes were made on just about every page. Some of these changes were unintentional but others were malicious.

As we have been re-writing these documents, we have made very important changes, additions, and we have edited out obsolete and erroneous information.

It's safe to say that the templates you have in your possession are corrupted.

None of the new and improved InPower NoL's are posted for our members at this time.

We are working on the documents, with more information being added and edited, day by day.

Every clause and every word and every piece of evidence cited must be absolutely impeccable. You will be signing over your "full unlimited commercial liability" with the Affidavit and the NoL documents.

Nothing is left to chance, nor guestimation, nor assumption ....
We are taking all aspects of this process very very seriously.

Once the smart meter and vaccine NoL's are fully vetted they will be posted and the NoL Creator will be tested to ensure smooth operation for the flood of men and women who will be joining with us.

It is a long wait, but this is the way it must be so that the new permanent site can handle up to a million men and women world-wide.

And finally, take a moment and contemplate the words that our president, Mary  Steele, wrote in the recent message to our members:

"We are making large strides with the NoL Creator (after its fourth overhaul with the latest to address performance concerns that popped up during the last round of testing); NoLs are being polished in various countries and we recently finished a new one for Germany; also, the Respondents' process has been overhauled as well.  After more testing, we found some issues that could adversely impact data integrity of respondent submissions, so we are vetting other providers to serve our community better as we approach launch."

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Answered on May 15, 2021 11:19 am
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Ok this is fine and of course somewhat logical, but the matter is trying to navagate the websight and having to infer  and intuit what is really going on. You need to get that because of experience on the internet at large, that some websights are labyrinths, and its very difficult to find things that are supposed to be there. This creates anxiety and a lot wasted time. Its all clear now.

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Answered on May 15, 2021 12:32 pm
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You can begin researching and submitting your Respondents so that you will be ready to go when the NoL's are posted.


Go here first…. to see if your potential Respondent has already been entered by someone else. If they are already in the database, please do not submit them again.

Go to "1. Start here "  and enter in your country and then enter in the  cause (trespassing technology:smart meters, vaccination, 5G, or geoengineering) Up will pop all of the Respondents who have been submitted to the Respondent Database in ALPHABETICAL order. See if your guy or gal is listed there first. Click on their name (with little circle in front of their name), then scroll down to see the information on file, or "Full Record Details”. Check out what it says about them... 2. If your potential Respondent is not listed in the Respondent Database, then you can submit them using the New Respondent Submission form: 


3. If you see that there may be changes needed in an existing Respondent record due to updates or errors, you can use the Respondent Reassessment Form:

Here are some notes about choosing Respondents:

    •    This is a personal decision that only you can make for yourself

This is a reckoning with each man or woman that you choose, and requires your due diligence - there must be a clear connection between the Respondents you choose and one of our 4 Causes: smart meters, forced vaccination, 5G, and geoengineering. And the Respondent must be in a position to do something about it.

You will have a connection with each Respondent who is indebted to you.  You are committing to following the career path and choices of the man or woman you choose as a respondent throughout the NoL process.  Each Respondent must be re-evaluated every 90 days.

Consider each jurisdiction and how that man or woman and his or her position impacts you and others

View your Respondent choices with honor and respect

Consider your unique circumstances and how that relates to your choices


So, members like you will be the first researchers. You will need to look into who is making decisions about forcing vaccines or smart meters on you and your family.

Recently, one of our team members, Ed, created an easy method to follow for researching Respondents here:
(the first half hour is the tutorial)


Here is an example of what is needed and why:



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Answered on May 15, 2021 2:46 pm
Private answer

I have to say that I feel the same way I bought 2 memberships 1 in 2020 and 1 in 2021.  I have reeived credit and the membership cock does not start until access to the actual automated NoL systems begins.  I understand that.
moreover, governments in Canada  are now mandating vaccines for kids I just received notice yeterday from the local school board with the board directr endorsing vaccinations for 12-17 years of age. They go on how safe they are in protecting children.
THis is pure malfeasance, and I have the documented evidence from the Isreali Peoples Community that after Isreal vaccinated 50% of the population, the death and injury rate from the Phizer vaxx is horrifying!
Moreover, the CDC VAERS website where about 10% of injuries and death are being reported indicates that deaths and injuires from the covid vaxx are higher that any other vaccines in 20 years of reporting.
The Inpower NoL needs to be released for use today.
This is "Malcicous harms and injury caused by and due to no informed consent to receive an experiemental product used as medical intervention. It is not a vaccine, it is experiemntal gene therapy never before used on humans.  And thre is no underlining medical study suporting its use."
THe WHO stated that scholl attendance is implied consent.  Governamets in Canada state no parentla consent is required for a child to take the shot. "

Any use of ‘implied or mature consent” by any minor child under the age of 18 is defined in law as gross, contributory, and culpable criminal negligence."  As vetted by Roccco Galati Lawyer.

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So when Can I/we get access to the NoL system.  as a paid member I want a date for access.
Malcolm Rogerson





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Answered on May 28, 2021 9:00 am
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Diana Penantel if you see this please contact me maczoid@yahoo.ca

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Answered on May 28, 2021 9:09 am
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The " respondant " was my exact next logical step based on the current intel.

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Answered on May 28, 2021 10:24 am