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InPower Community Member Agreement

Welcome to the interim InPower Community site for InPower members! Thank you for joining.

The InPower Community exists because we wanted a place where InPower members could participate in the Notice of Liability process alongside others doing the same.

At the heart of the NoL is truth. Truth is what draws each of us in, and it is what compels us forward.

Because InPower is committed to helping secure life, liberty, and property through accountability, we believe that a community of men and women seeking to move all in an upward direction is essential. Advancement as a shared goal will help us remain focused on this mission and fruitful as a worldwide movement.

We hope that as you meditate upon the materials put forth and connect with other members in this community, you feel alive, equipped, empowered, prepared, validated, and supported. Like you, we feel called to create an affirming, workable way of life. For these reasons, we humbly ask that as an InPower member, you agree to strive to act in accordance with the following:

Seek unity. This community is the common place, and the Notice of Liability is our common purpose. We all want to be free, and those that stand between us and true freedom want us to be divided and ineffectual. While using our God-given free will, we all have wandered off in many directions. We have forgotten who we really are and that we all are connected. Seek unity and choose to be a community of love, support, and repair, rather than one of judgment and separation.

Do all things in love. Love never fails. Love suffers long and is kind. Love does not parade itself, is not puffed up. Love does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, and does not rejoice in iniquity. Love rejoices in the truth, bears all things, and endures all things. When this quality of love is the basis of relationships, the miracle of unity is possible.

Be open to the new. Growth and advancement include encountering new things. As men and women, we get to choose for ourselves the appropriate path of discovery. Moving forward on that path is what life is all about, and not about following dying ways and structures.

Be respectful. We each are where we are. We have come to this place through various paths and have different things to teach and learn from one another. Be compassionate and act with patience and grace.

Honor yourself and others. It is important that we honor each other’s unique histories and perspectives. As it is in nature, when we each live according to our authentic being and purpose, everyone’s needs are met. There is no lack, and no need for envy or offense.

Be forgiving. We all make mistakes, and we always have the option to forgive others and forgive ourselves. When we are quick to resolve, release, and move on, we keep the windows open to let in the fresh air of life.

Be constructive. Before posting a comment or sharing a link within the community, let us consider, “Is it beneficial? Does it bring out the best in me, the best in others, and the best in a situation?”

Updated on October 20, 2019

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