6 Month InPower Membership

$90.00 $62.04

Six month access to InPower Community Platform, when it becomes available.  Please read description below.


If you pay in advance for access to our exclusive InPower Community Platform, you can take advantage of a reduced rate of $10 per month.

We are actively building the InPower Community Platform now, but the release date is still to be determined.  Because of our unique community requirements, we must engage in custom development for a functional piece that facilitates member access, at scale.  We are currently meeting with developers to define technical requirements, timeline, and cost.

Until the InPower Community Platform is complete, we are offering access to an interim members-only site, included as a free bonus, to all members who have pre-paid for their InPower Community Platform membership.

If you decide to purchase this 6 month InPower Community Platform option, you will be charged a one-time membership fee of $62.04 USD now.  (If you decide to purchase after we launch our official InPower Community Platform, the price will be $90 USD.)  You will be granted (near) immediate access to our interim members-only site, which includes:

  • exclusive access to the latest InPower Notice of Liability documents
  • full access to our media library of NoL-related videos, interviews
  • knowledge base and FAQs
  • opportunities to attend online meetings
  • opportunities to connect with other InPower Members
  • access to other members-only exclusive content

Essentially, this is largely a self-serve members only portal with opportunity to learn and connect with others until our InPower Community Platform is completed.

Your 6 month membership time period begins on the day we launch our InPower Community Platform.  After the first 6 months, you will be billed $15 USD every month thereafter, unless you cancel your membership.  Cancellations require 30 days notice.  No refunds.

Again, you will not be billed any recurring membership fee until 6 months after the launch of the InPower Community Platform.